Humanity has discovered 118 unique chemical elements. We bring them to the Ethereum Blockchain as non-fungible tokens. Now you can own an element as a 1/1 collectible asset.

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Twitter: @ElementBlocks

Discord: discord.gg/mswp6NhzeX

The Periodic Table of ElementBlocks

Be one of the first human beings to own a chemical element on the Ethereum Blockchain:

ElementBlocks are planned to become multidimensional assets in stage 3 of the project where royalties from chemical compound creation will be paid to ElementBlock holders.

The Table of BeyondElements

To support the original ElementBlocks and to enable a broad spectrum of collaborations, we introduced BeyondElements.

They were created together with other artists such as KristyGlas, ROHO, and SushiSwag.

There'll be a maximum of 119, mostly science-focused artworks. Some come with further benefits.

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Twitter: @ElementBlocks

Discord: discord.gg/mswp6NhzeX

Rarible: @ElementBlocks

OpenSea: @ElementBlocks

Official ElementBlocks contract address: 0xa13325ba1b9493c02d364a4a41e646d24f532126